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Gala Wedding Dresses: out of love for beauty…

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ul. Wrzosowa 2
09-472 Słupno
tel: +48 24 261 93 49

Gala – Salon Firmowy

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ul. Kolegialna 26B
09-400 Płock
tel: +48 24 264 17 13

Gala brand was established to meet the needs of Brides who wish to celebrate their special day by wearing equally special wedding dresses. The history of my family has been for three generations now inextricably linked to the design and realisation of even the most unconventional ideas for wedding dresses. Both my mother and grandmother were expert tailors and could create perfect outfits for prospective Brides out of quality material.
I have inherited that talent for making women’s dreams come true.

As a wedding dress manufacturer, every year I talk a lot with prospective Brides to understand all their expectations, hopes and visions of that one exceptional dress. Our dream is to reflect these visions in our projects. Wedding dresses 2019 is a collection inspired by modern trends and suggestions of our clients. Our dresses are not extravagant – we do not want them to shock and scandalise. We believe that the true beauty is everlasting. This is the reason why the 2019 wedding dress is delicate, elegant, toned-down and full of dignified and noble beauty. It suits the occasion perfectly.

Wedding dresses in the 2019 collection are a perfect choice for every Bride. As a wedding dress manufacturers, we sew outfits for traditionalists who wish to make their way towards the altar on that special day wearing a long dress with a trail. We also have dresses for modern women who want to break from tradition and wear a slightly shorter dress. We offer a combination of uniquely refined materials and delicate patterns that perfectly emphasise a woman’s beauty. All of our wedding dresses are presented in the gallery. The photos clearly show the richness of patterns and shadows of white. It allows to choose the model that fits the figure and look. Our wedding dresses made many Brides happy. The photo gallery was created to present our dresses. Our dresses that make up the 2019 collection can be found on the Internet, as well as in many renowned bridal wear stores.

Monika Olecka
Dress Designer